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Scrubs-in-a-Bucket™ provide fast, easy and effective hand cleaning with portability. Can be used anywhere, anyplace, anytime on the toughest soils, greases, tar graphite even printers ink. Each dispensing canister contains 72 each 10 1/2 inch x 12 1/4 inch perforated, high-strength, absorbent cleaning towels, treated with a gentle-to-skin but effective heavy-duty, grease-cutting and soil-lifting formulation. Pumice performance, without the messy, gritty pumice! Leaves skin lotion soft, with a natural citrus fragrance. Contains germ-fighting Triclosan. No rinsing, no drying, no residue. Also ideal for cleaning tools, work in progress, and for spills. Sink-free, on-the-spot cleaning-anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
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