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Acrylic Enamels

Paints- Acrylic Enamels

Acrylic Enamels offer the ultimate in color retention, durability and protection. All colors contain a high amount of solids to assure maximum coverage on various surfaces. Each can is equipped with the Danvern Fanspray Valve to give unsurpassed application ease, every time.
  • Fast-drying-10 minutes to touch.
  • High gloss; hard protective finish.
  • Resists rust.
  • Indoor/Outdoor acrylic enamel.
  • Formulated specifically for industrial applications.
Use Acrylic Enamels for motors, wood, tools, steel bars, pipelines, conduit and ducts. Also available in OSHA and APWA colors for safety marking, equipment and machinery touch-up. Equipped with Danvern® Fanspray valve.
Available in 16-oz. cans (12-oz. net wt) Package 12 per ...
Paint-All Marking Paint

Paints-All Marking

An economical, yet durable fast-drying marking paint, specially formulated for the steel industry, structural members, forestry, lumber, logs and other uses involving color-coding applications. Does not contain methylene chloride. Use Paint-All for color-coding steel, for designating trees to be cut or left standing, as well as identifying species. Equipped with Sprayon's patented easy-touch Danvern® Standard Valve. Available in 16-oz. cans (11-oz. net wt.) Packaged 12 per case.
Industrial High Heat Spray Paint

Industrial High Heat Spray Paint

Specially formulated with heat resistant silicone and acrylic resins to withstand temperatures to 600°F for long periods and 1000°F for intermittent periods.
  • Dries in approximately 10 minutes.
  • High quality, heat stable silicone base.
Use High Heat Spray Paint for touch-up or repainting on boilers, furnaces, steam pipes, radiators, heaters, gas grills, diesel and gasoline engines. Equipped with Danvern® Fanspray valve.
Available in 16-oz. cans (12-oz. net wt.)
Industrial Fluorescent Paints

Industrial Fluorescent Paints


A fast-drying acrylic formula that provides four times greater visibility than conventional paints. For maximum brightness, use number 3720 Flat White or 1800 Gloss White as a base coat. Number 1000 Clear Gloss Topcoat will improve durability and reduce fading.

Does not contain methylene chloride. Use Fluorescent Paints for steel bars, emergency and safety equipment, aisle marking, machinery and production equipment. Available in 16-oz. cans (11-oz. net wt).
Upside-Down Striping Paints

Upside-Down Striping Paint

The new improved formula of Upside-Down striping paints makes it easy to stripe any surface. These lead-free fast-drying paints give you bright, crisp lines every time.
  • VOC compliant
  • One-stroke striping
  • Non-clog spray
  • Highly pigmented
Use Striping Paints for parking lots, school grounds, construction and excavation sites, underground utilities, surveying, road surfaces, nurseries, apartment complexes, fairgrounds, Solvent-based paints are available in 20-oz. cans (18-oz. net wt.).
Rust Tough

Rust Tough

  • Delivers rust protection with durable gloss retention.
  • Advanced formula to provide superior protection against rust on any primed or unprimed surface. Ideal for iron, steel, wood, masonry, and marine use.
  • All topcoats and primers are formulated with rust inhibitors.
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance on both primed and unprimed metal.
  • Faster dry times than conventional rustresisting paints.
  • Outstanding initial gloss and outstanding gloss retention.
  • Exceptional ease of application.
  • High volume solids bulk formulas for one-coat hiding, more square feet per gallon.
  • Low V.O.C. rating.
  • Colors match from aerosols to bulk, and from batch to batch.
  • Packing; 15 oz. aerosol, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 ...

Engine Paint

Dupli-color classic care engine paint is a high-performance acrylic enamel, specially formulated to deliver excellent coverage and adhesion to engine blocks and components.
  • Withstands repeated exposure to surface temperatures up to 500°F.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Oil and gas resistant.
  • Won't blister, flake, crack or peel.
  • Colors matched to OEM standards.
  • 12-oz. net wt.
  • Case pack: 6.
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