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System LF3000 Fittings

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System LF3000 Fittings

Principle of Operation

The Legris LF3000 push-in fitting system is easy to operate. Simply push the tubing past the collet and O-ring until it can go no further. Holding and sealing is accomplished instantaneously. To disconnect, first depress the manual release button, then pull the tubing out of the fitting. Legris developed the first push-in fitting in 1970. Since that time, their usage has become universally accepted.

  • More than 100,000,000 fittings are in service.
  • It is offered in three forms:
    • Fractional inch tube to NPT and 10-32 thread forms.
    • Metric tube to BSP tapered or parallel form
    • Fractional inch tube to BSP tapered (hybrids).
  • In response to continuing demand and new applications, we are ...
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