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Miscellaneous Tools

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Tube Deflator and Core Remover

Tube Deflator and Core Remover

The 2 in 1 tool:
  • Deflator on one end; threaded I.D. enables attachment to valve stem.
  • Valve core wrench on the other end, to insert and tighten or remove core.
Valve Repair Tool

Valve Repair Tool

  • The 4 in 1 tool for valve stem and core.
  • Rethreads inside and outside of valve stem.
  • Insert, tighten or remove valve core with guide which slips over stem.
  • Easy-Out to remove core if shoulders are broken off.
  • All steel, plated to resist corrosion.
Valve Fishing Tool

Valve Fishing Tool

  • Provides features of valve insertion tool and tube deflator and core remover.
  • Made with strong, flexible steel cable.
  • Designed to align and/or seat valve stem through rim hole.
  • Handle construction simulates same features offered in Milton Tube Deflator & Core Remover.
Valve Insertion Tool

Valve Insertion Tool

  • For the installation and removal of "snap-in" type tubeless tire valves.
  • This ruggedly constructed all-steel tool is designed to provide the sure- grip leverage necessary for positive seating or removal of snap-in type valves.
  • Deep threaded head assures ease of valve stem attachment.
  • Plated to resist corrosion.
Tire Tread Depth Gage

Tire Tread Depth Gage

  • Large base, flat blade, handy pocket clip
  • The accurate and convenient way to measure the depth of new "Sipe Treads" as well as conventional treads
  • Round aluminum indicator bar calibrated from 0 inch to 1 inch in 1/32 inch markings
  • A must in determining remaining tire life.
3 in 1 Air Manifold

3 in 1 Air Manifold

  • No need to connect and disconnect every time you want to change tools.
  • Supply three air tools from one outlet.
  • Manifold has 3/8 inch NPT inlet with three 1/4 inch outlets.
  • Made of sturdy lightweight aluminum.
Filler Faucets

Filler Faucets

  • Long, flexible rubber spout, smooth flow, and positive lever control makes operation easier.
  • Ruggedly built with stainless steel springs.
  • A necessity for service stations, garages, factories, farms or wherever use of water must be controlled at the point of discharge.
  • 1/4 inch NPT For use on small diameter hose used on wells and reels.
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