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Fuel Line Hose

Fuel Line Hose

A fast economical way for replacing fuel lines, oil lines, vacuum lines, windshield washer hoses, transmission cooler hoses, power steering return lines, and many other low pressure hose applications. Hose is gas-resistant, soft and pliable so that can be easily pushed over barb fittings, and be held securely by spring clamp or screw type clamp. Working pressure up to 25 P.S.I. Burst pressure 175 P.S.I.
Push-On Hose

Push-On Hose

Designed for low pressure automotive and industrial applications. (Hose clamps are not required.)

Uses: For assembly of low pressure fuel and oil lines, vacuum gauge lines, air lines and other uses where application will not exceed working pressures over 250 psi. Specifications

Inner Tube: Synthetic rubber compounded to resist the deteriorating effects of gasoline, oil, diesel fuel, air water, grease, kerosene, and common hydraulic fluids.

Reinforcement: One ply of braided fiber reinforcing material.

Outer Cover: 340-4, 450-6, 340-8, tough cotton jacket treated with graphite making it resistant to oil, gasoline, vibration, heat or cold. 430-4, 430- 6, and 430-8: a rubber cover provides ...
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