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Air Brake Fittings

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Female Branch Tee

Air Brake Fittings

Excerpt from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Department of Transportation FMVSS 106
FMVSS 106 Part 571: 5106-1 Paragraph 57.3.10

Legris fittings meet all applicable requirements of the D.O.T. FMVSS 106 specification. Our fittings are designed for use on all pneumatic circuits other than air brake assemblies between the frame and axle. Final determination as to the use of this product in its application is the responsibility of the users design engineering.
Air Brake Copper Tube Compression Fittings

Air Brake Copper Tube Compression Fittings

Used with: Copper tubing in air brake systems. Can be used with the No. TH461 tube support for nylon air brake tube installations.
Advantages: Ball sleeve annealed to insure perfect seal. Long nut offers maximum tube support. Interchangeable with O.E.M. Air Brake fittings. Thread size for 3/8 O.D. fittings is 17/32-24.
Air Brake Fittings for Nylon Tubing

Air Brake Fittings for Nylon Tubing

Used with: Nylon tubing (SAE J844, type 3).
Advantages: Meets all air brake specifications. Utilizes ribbed sleeve for compression and positive grip. Five remakes possible when disassembled. Body less insert interchangeable with standard air brake compression bodies. Special tools are not required.
Typical applications: Air brake systems, air control and gauge lines.
Reusable Air Brake Hose Ends

Reusable Air Brake Hose Ends


Assembly Instructions
  1. Slide nut onto hose.
  2. Slide sleeve onto hose with tapered edge toward fitting body.
  3. Bottom hose into fitting.
  4. Tighten nut until it contacts body hex.
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