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Aerosmith Fasteners

Aerosmith Fasteners


As used by the market leaders for floor fastening in Trailers Containers, Commercial Vehicles and Industrial uses.

For the application of:
  • Wood to Steel
  • Sheet Metal to Steel
  • Wood to Concrete
  • Steel to Concrete
Aerosmith Tools for Nailing Steel Pins

Aerosmith Tools for Nailing Steel Pins

Aerosmith Tool for fast Nailing of loose and collated Steel Pins
Aerosmith U-nopul&#174  Air Supply System

Aerosmith U-nopul® Air Booster

  • For Increasing and regulating air pressures with a compact, simple-to-use system.
  • Ideal for equipment requiring higher pressure than standard plant lines or typical on-site compressors.
  • Isolates high pressure lines from normal shop operating pressures to protect other equipment.
  • Guards against typical pressure fluctuations to maintain consistent desired operating pressure.
  • Eliminates costly air system changes typically required to achieve higher pressures.
  • Saves on utility costs.
Aerosmith U-nopul&#174 Water Separator

Aerosmith U-nopul® Water Separator

  • Removes up to 99% of the water present in typical compressed air lines.
  • Available in wide range of bodies and port sizes to accommodate various needs.
  • No need to replace element.
  • Manual or auto-drain options.
  • Use on compressor systems ranging from 1-h.p. to 100-h.p.
  • Stops the most troublesome problem associated with compressed air systems.
  • Stock w/3/8NPT. Other sizes available.
Technical Data:
  • Used for compressed air only. Operating Pressure Range 25-150 P.S.I. (1.6-10.2 KGF/CM2).
  • Proof Pressure 225 P.S.I. (15.3 KFG/CM2).
  • Temperature Range 35°F-140°F (2°C-60°C).
Aerosmith U-nopul&#174 Coil Collated Steel Pins

Aerosmith U-nopul® Coil Collated Steel Pins

  • For sheathing to light-gauge steel.
The Aerosmith .100 Series Coil Pin System allows for rapid attachment of wall, roof and floor sheathing to light-gauge steel studs, trusses and joists. The hardened steel pin is driven by a commonly used coil nailer as used in traditional wood-to-wood construction. This system removes the tedious, time-consuming requirement for screws and screw guns resulting in a very cost-effective in place fastening. The fastening schedules utilized are the same as those for plywood to wood receiving members.
HITACHI&#174 VH650 Medium-Duty Construction Coil Nailer (Plastic Collation)

HITACHI® VH650 Medium-Duty Construction Coil Nailer (Plastic Collation)

The Aerosmith System of Unopul® Steel pins and a pneumatic tool provides sheathing-to-steel stud fastening capability to save valuable installation time, save money and reduce effort... all in a familiar method of installation.
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