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Nicholson&#174 Mill Files

Nicholson® Mill Files

For sharpening mill or circular saws. Also for draw-filing and finishing metals. All sizes tapered slightly in width. Two square edges. Single-cut on sides and edges.
Nicholson&#174 Flat Files

Nicholson® Flat Files

Flat files are used by machinists, machinery builders, ship and engine builders, repairmen and others who require rapid removal of metal. They are rectangular in cross section and taper slightly toward point in width. Double-cut on both sides, single-cut on both edges.
Nicholson&#174 Half Round Files

Nicholson® Half Round Files

Rounded on one side, flat on the other. Used on concave and convex as well as flat surfaces. Backs of all half round bastard files are double-cut. The backs of all half round second cut files longer than 6 inches are double-cut, the 4 and 6 inch files are single-cut. The backs of all half round smooth files are single-cut. The flat sides of all half round files are double-cut. The Pipeliner is single cut on the back and on the flat side.
Nicholson&#174 Square Files

Nicholson® Square Files

For filing slots, keyways and general surface filing. Larger sizes frequently preferred to corresponding flat files because of heavier section and four filing surfaces. Tapered slightly towards point. Double-cut.
Nicholson&#174 Round Files

Nicholson® Round Files

Principal use is to file circular openings or concave surfaces. Tapered slightly towards point. All 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 inch files are single cut. The 14 inch bastard is double cut.
Nicholson&#174 Taper Files-Slim

Nicholson® Taper Files-Slim

Nicholson&#174 Taper Files- Extra Slim

Nicholson® Taper Files- Extra Slim

Nicholson&#174 Chain Saw Files-Round Smooth

Nicholson® Chain Saw Files-Round Smooth

This round smooth chain saw file is a product of extensive research and development in the engineering laboratories of Nicholson. Field tests by chain saw users and competitive tests by many leading chain saw manufacturers prove the new, round smooth chain saw file is the smoothest- feeling, fastest-cutting and best-finished.
Metal Ferruled Handles

Metal Ferruled Handles

These handles have very strong metal ferrules. Made from seasoned with birch with nickel plated ferrules. Shellac finish.
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