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Heat Gun and Adapters

Heat Gun and Adapters

  • Sturdy die-cast aluminum housing is rugged and lightweight.
  • Air intake regulator is completely adjustable, allowing temperature variation.
  • Mounting stand enables user to position gun without having to hold in hands.


Hex-Crimp® Tool

Hex-Crimp® Tool

  • The Hex-Crimp puts even pressure on the terminal and wire, resulting in the best connection.
  • The Hex-Crimp creates less deformation of the terminal, which reduces stress and failure due to cracking.
  • Your Hex-Crimp tool is protected by a two-year limited factory warranty. Warranty information is packaged with each tool. With proper use and maintenance your tool will deliver many years of service. If your tool breaks for any reason after the warranty period, repair parts are available.
  • Crimps terminals 8 Ga. - 250MCM (6/0 Ga.)
  • Crimps all major brands of battery terminals, copper lugs and splices.
  • Die settings have letter, number and color codes.
  • Adjustable crimp dies permanently attached.
  • Insulated grips for ...
Economy Crimp Tool

Economy Crimp Tool

For No. 8 Ga. through 4/0 Ga.
  • V-shaped nest design prevents the likelihood of over-crimping.
  • Crimping scale included on side of tool assures proper crimp is delivered.
  • Economical crimper is actuated by hammer or vice.
Automatic Wire Stripper-

Automatic Wire Stripper- 6 1/4 inch

  • Fully automatic delay return action prevents the crushing of small wires. Quickly strips wire sizes no. 8 through no. 22
5 in 1 Wire Stripper

5 in 1 Wire Stripper- 8 1/2 inch

Conveniently combines a crimper, stripper, cutter, plier and screw cutter in one handy tool. Multi-purpose electrical tool, for use in the shop, in the service center, or on the assembly line. A convenient, multi-purpose tool.
Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper, Wire Cutter, Bolt Slicer

Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper, Wire Cutter, Bolt Slicer- 8 1/4 inch

Crimps both insulated and non-insulated terminals. Will slice six bolt sizes: 10-32, 10-24, 8-32, 6-32, 5-40 and 4-40. Cuts and strips wire sizes no. 22 to no. 10 gauge.
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