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Scotchlok™ Insulation Displacement Connector (IDCs)

Scotchlok™ Insulation Displacement Connector (IDCs)

Scotchlok™ insulation displacement connector (IDCs) offer labor saving convenience because stripping is not required. A wide variety of sizes and styles is offered for applications such as: fluorescent ballast installation and replacement, fixture and appliance wiring, automotive and marine wiring, and control circuit wiring. UL listed and CSA certified I DCs have a voltage rating of 600 V maximum for building wire; 1000 V maximum for signs, fixtures and luminaries.
  • No strip—no twist—just squeeze; just that simple. Our unique "U" contact provides fast, dependable electrical connections without wire stripping.
  • As "U" contact is pressed into connector, it grasps conductors by displacing insulation.
  • A "live spring" joint is ...
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