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Cables, Clips and Clamps- Automotive

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Booster Cables- Automotive Heavy-Duty

Booster Cables- Automotive Heavy-Duty

Starter Cable

Starter Cable

  • Neoprene jacketed.
  • Bare copper conductor.
  • Recommended for buses, trucks and marine use.
Battery Terminals - Universal

Battery Terminals - Universal

Battery Accessories

Battery Accessories

Copper Lugs

Copper Lugs



Quick-Cable-Compression Terminals

Quick-Cable-Compression Terminals, Straight Clamp

Compression battery terminals assemble with common hand tools
  1. Strip 7/8 inch of insulation from the end of the cable. Insert bared wire into the compression nut.
  2. Thread terminal on compression nut.
  3. Grip compression nut with wrench and turn the terminal until the compression nut seats. With larger gauges, you may want to hold the terminal in a vise.
Quick-CableĀ® Die Cast Crimp Battery Terminal

Quick-Cable® Die Cast Crimp Battery Terminal

  • All clamps and lugs are made of die cast copper.
  • All clamps include tin plated w inch battery bolts and shoulder nuts.
  • All clamps, lugs and fasteners are tin plated twice as thick as industry standards.
  • Terminals are imprinted with die codes for all major crimping tools.
  • Within a wire size, all terminals share the same crimp die settings.
  • Patented.
Stud/Side Crimp Battery Terminal

Stud/Side Crimp Battery Terminal

  • Stackable for multiple battery hookups.
  • Stacked terminals lock at 24 positions for easier cable routing.
  • 36 "teeth" bite into the lead so the terminal won't rotate.
  • For stud terminal and side terminal batteries.
  • Terminals of different cable sizes stack and lock. Example: In a multiple battery installation, you may use 2/0 gauge cable between the batteries. However, you may choose to run 4/0 gauge cable from the battery array to the starter.
Battery Nut - Stainless Steel

Battery Nut - Stainless Steel

Red and Black QuickCote fasteners color-code you terminals and have superior corrosion resistance.
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